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About Us

The pursuit for healthy life and well-being is innate to man. As a matter of fact, optimal health and wellness is a preferred choice by many. BRI Nutrition is a supplements company with a heart that’s here to help customers in their journey towards achieving optimal health, longevity, and wellness.  

Who We Are

BRI Nutrition with headquarters in California and an initially one-man firm run and managed by its founder and CEO Brendan Morris, is an established US-based natural health supplement company that has been innovating and crafting high-quality nutritional herbal supplements for years. Our life-long mission is to provide customers with only the best, top-quality, innovative, and USA FDA-insptected facilities which product supplements that will support your health goals as well-being at super low prices.

BRI Nutrition is determined to bring only the most desirable nutritional supplement brand by creating products that support your kind of healthy life. In conjunction with this goal, our consumer needs are always our priority.

BRI’s mission is to deliver nutritional products with uncompromised quality, service, and state of the art quality through the best that nature, technology, and science can possibly offer. BRI purchases raw materials from distributors situated here in the US and overseas. Regardless of the origin, BRI’s extensive quality control procedures and stringent processes ensure that all of BRI Nutrition’s health products are all safe and meet product ingredient label claims.

BRI has been manufacturing only high-quality health supplements for several years now and is an industry that is dynamically evolving over time. Throughout the years, we have never lost sight of our mission, which is to offer our valued customers only the best quality nutritional products and information that will facilitate optimal health and well-being.

Our Commitment

At BRI Nutrition, it is our commitment to help people live longer, healthier, and happier lives. That is why aside from manufacturing the best quality natural supplements, we have come up with a world-class customer support team that will provide our valued customers one on one, personalized customer service support.

Regardless of your health product demands, we are here 100% percent of the way to help you with all of your weight management, heart health, energy boost, beauty, and other important health issues that you are faced with. We are highly committed to exclusively providing our products in the most affordable way to afford customers like you a wide array of effective health choices that will not cost you an arm or a leg.

Our Quality Control

BRI adheres only to high standards of quality. We observe a strict quality control system to test our health products at various stages, from raw material processing to finished product. All materials that come into our processing facility have undergone rigorous tests make sure that they are of the highest quality; anything that doesn’t meet our exacting standards are rejected and are brought back to our health suppliers. All of BRI Nutrition’s products have been thoroughly researched and tested by our team of experts. 

BRI makes use of high grade cleaners to sanitize manufacturing equipments after each use. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility meets the highest standards for processing, equipment, and quality control. This allows us to provide our valued customers with only the best quality products possible and we make sure that high quality standards is followed all throughout the manufacturing process. All of BRI’s health supplements have undergone their respective certification and analysis.

Customer Focus

Our expert and responsive customer service staff has undergone extensive training on each of the products we offer. Our primary concern is our customer’s overall satisfaction – if they are happy, then we, too are happy.

We encourage our BRI Nutrition users to share their overall personal experiences and successes with our health products by sharing honest and ‘no-holds barred’ review. We’d love to hear from you!

We have experienced first-hand how our products have helped improve the lives of our customers and we are happy to be a part of their health success stories. We are forever changing the way health supplement companies work, and we are just happy and proud of the outcomes and positive feedback we are getting from customers all across the world!

As one of the leading health supplement companies, BRI is always reinventing itself to help customers like you realize their health goals, potentials, and objectives in the most practical yet effective manner so that there will come a time that the entire world will be filled with happy, healthy, and fulfilled individuals like YOURSELF.

We want to make a DIFFERENCE, and we want to make a difference by starting with you – our valued customer. We wanted to make a healthy revolution beginning today, and help make all these possible by joining the BRI Nutrition healthy revolution today!

Stay stuck for news and updates on exciting new products and services that we’ll be launching here soon!

In order to help retailers and customers know how their health supplements work, we have set a team of nutritional health experts to answer all of your questions. You can reach us with your questions, feedback, or suggestions at our email address – We’d love to hear from you, contact us today.

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Jaxi West

@BRINutrition I just made this review for you. … T.U. for being 1000% quality for everything!
Retweeted by BRI Nutrition

Jaxi West

@BRINutrition I just made this review for you. … T.U. for being 1000% quality for everything!
Retweeted by BRI Nutrition


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