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BRI Nutrition Quality

BRI Nutrition's Gold Standard of Quality

BRI Nutrition has been manufacturing natural health supplements for over a decade. Throughout the years, BRI has never lost sight of its original mission - to provide our customers with the best natural supplements on the market. Our products are manufactured in a USA, FDA-inspected, GMP-compliant facility using the highest quality ingredients available. We are committed to producing supplements that will support you health goals and offer them to you at the lowest prices possible.

BRI's attention to detail from manufacturing through distribution has allowed us to set, maintain, and constantly raise the bar for natural health supplements. BRI Nutrition is committed to bringing our customers the most desirable supplements by continuously creating products that support your healthy life. To meet this goal, we have always placed the needs of our consumers' above everything else.

BRI Nutrition follows only high standards of quality in our product development and processing. We follow the strictest quality control system, testing health products we manufacture at various stages, from raw material to processing to finished product. Having been in the industry for years now, BRI ensures the following:

Product Certification & Analysis: All of BRI's natural supplement products meet the appropriate standards for dietary supplements. All materials that come into our processing facility have undergone rigorous tests to make sure that they are of the highest quality; anything that doesn't meet our standards is rejected and sent back to our suppliers. Every supplier must provide a certificate of analysis for all their raw materials as a consistent measure of quality. After this, BRI will conduct a random and independent laboratory testing on all supplied raw materials in order to further ensure purity and potency.

Extensive Research & Testing: BRI Nutrition is globally known for our innovative, highly effective and healthy approach to natural supplement products. All BRI Nutrition products have been extensively researched by our team of research and development experts. BRI tests all finished products to ensure their respective safety and stability. This ensures that all products comply with the product label claims. BRI Nutrition's team of quality assurance inspectors perform routine checks on all fours from storage, mixing, production, as well as final inspection on finished products.

State-of-the-Art Facilities & Equipment: BRI's US-based, FDA-inspected, GMP-certified facility is equipped with state-of-the-art modern technology and equipment that is carefully selected from a roster of certified vendors. We use high-grade, safe cleaners to sanitize and clean all manufacturing equipment after each use. BRI's sophisticated manufacturing facility meets the highest standards for processing, equipment, and quality control. This enables BRI to provide valued customers with only the best quality products possible and make sure that high quality standards are met all throughout the manufacturing process.

Exclusive Health Supplement Distribution: BRI's specialized market calls for highly innovative health products that are effective, affordable and available exclusively under the BRI Nutrition brand. We follow only the strictest quality of standards that is not offered elsewhere. This is our way of maintaining the integrity of all of our health supplement products and keeping our commitment to all of our valued customers to show that BRI Nutrition is the only name you can trust.