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Nutrition Goals for 2018


It has been estimated that almost forty percent of Americans make a resolution to live healthier every year, but sometimes struggle to do so. By focusing on nutrition, dieticians have put together some guidelines to help you make it.


Make changes to your own personal diet to make it better. If you eat fast food every day, don't expect to automatically be a vegan. Work your way to that point, but start small and make the changes personal.


You've heard all of the massive benefits drinking lots of water can give? But can anybody really drink that much water? The answer is yes, and you can too! This nutrition goal doesn't require making a single alteration to your eating habits, but will offer huge results. Get ready for healthier nails, glowing skin, and shinier hair.


This one kind of goes along with keeping it sustainable, but don't be sucked into the fad diets of the moment. Instead, set your own plan.


If you are looking to lose weight in 2018, make sure that you are keeping your calorie counts health. Never lose more than 2 pounds a week, as that can begin to negatively impact your health. Dietician Ashley Kibutha explains, "if you lose more than three pounds you're actually just losing water weight and you're also losing muscle no matter how much protein you're adding."


Remember when you were little and everyone told you how you had to eat your fruits and vegetables? Well, why do we think it stops applying to us when we grow up? (Hint: It doesn't.) Have at least one serving of fruit throughout the day as a snack and ensure you have a side of vegetables with every dinner.