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How to Get Back Into Fitness After a Baby


Many women struggle to get back into exercising again after they have a baby. However, some small tips from other mothers and doctors might be helpful.


Some women feel pressured to start exercising very soon after their baby in order to get back to their old body. However, it is recommended to refrain from strenuous exercises for at least six weeks after your baby comes. Make sure bleeding has stopped before hitting the gym because if your body is not given enough time to heal, the bleeding may start up again.


For many women, the abdominal muscles actually separate during pregnancy. Due to this, it is important to ease back into abdominal workouts, and maybe even work with a therapist to bring the muscles back together. Planks can be good to begin the healing and restrengthening of these muscles without being overly strenuous.


Relaxin is a hormone that softens ligaments and joints during pregnancy, but some people don't know that it can stay in your body for many months after the birth. Therefore, you may feel as if your body is unstable at times, so make sure not to overexert yourself, as your body might not be as balanced as it was before.


This is probably the most important tip. Even though you are no longer pregnant, your body is still recovering and has to be taken care of! Remember that if you are breastfeeding you are losing vital nutrients that need to be replenished.