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How to Change Your Workout for Your Skin


So we all know a good workout is totally crucial and leaves you with that gorgeous natural glow; however, some of the breakouts you might be having could be due to workout habits. Make sure to follow these simple tricks to keep your skin in shape!


When you combine sweat and makeup, you get clogged pores and excess oil. Make sure to stay away from this by removing your makeup before your workout.


While it's great to go for a run on a sunny day, all that good will be overturned by subjecting yourself to a sunburn. Make sure you're protecting yourself and throw on some sunblock.


Never stay in your sweaty workout clothes and always wash them post-workout. If you stay in your dirty clothes, you'll likely begin to experience body acne.


Many people wait to clean their face after they work out and sometimes forget. Don't give grime and bacteria time to seep into your pores, wash up immediately after.

Simple, huh? Now, drop and give me twenty!