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15 Ways To Stay Healthy This Holiday With BRI Nutrition Health Supplements

Oh! It is definitely starting to look a lot like Christmas. After the Black Friday spending mania, many Americans are now looking forward to the holiday season. A lot of people would argue that Christmas is the best time of the year. You’ll start hearing Mariah’s “All I Want For Christmas” in every shopping mall (and probably in offices too), while TV stations are scheduled to screen Home Alone and A Nightmare Before Christmas. Your calendar is fully booked because of the numerous office parties, friendly gatherings, and of course, Christmas shopping. Apart from the glitter and sparkle of your décor and the seemingly endless social and family gatherings, this time of the year is filled with food. Yes, scrumptious and delectable holiday cuisines matched with the cold and breezy Christmas weather that extends until the New Year’s Day (or longer).

Behind the holiday season’s festive and jolly atmosphere lurk problems that are often overlooked. As one would put it, “All that glitters is not gold.” There’s overeating, anxiety, stress, accidents, health problems, and food poisoning. Just as much as accidents may be prevented, health issues can also be thwarted with proper diet coupled with BRI Nutrition health supplements. The company’s product line ranges from weight loss supplements to heart health supplements, and even superfood supplements. BRI Nutrition offers health supplements for men and health supplements for women. Aside from taking BRI Nutrition health supplements, there are other ways you can do to stay fit, healthy, and fab this holiday season.

  • Always wash your hands.

An article from quoted Dr. Marc Leavey of Lutherville Personal Physicians stating that “the germs on our hands are the single biggest threat to our health, any time of the year.” Therefore, we should always wash our hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds to ward off germs and viruses that may cause colds and flu from fanning out. Having sanitizers or rubbing alcohol on the go will help, too.

  • Never drink and drive.

In 2013, road accidents involving Driving Under the Influence (DUIs) resulted in 45 reported daily casualties during the Christmas holiday. It increased to 54 casualties per day during the New Year’s period. Each time someone drives when drunk, they are putting not only their lives in danger, but also someone else’s. Choose not to drink and drive, and encourage other people to do so as well. If a friend or a family member asserts to drive even if he/she is not supposed to, be persuasive and compel him/her not to drive. For sure, he/she will be grateful for that on the following day.

  • Help in household chores.

Because of the weather, you may find it difficult to “sweat your way” into being fit and healthy. Helping in some household chores like tidying up your bedroom is a good activity for burning your calories. Going up and down the staircase for errands, cooking meals for the family or mopping the floor will not only assist a family member, but will also get you in motion.

  • Watch what you drink.

Booze and cocktail drinks overflow during this time of the year. Opt for the red wine and avoid sugary drinks for these will puff up your midsection. Did you know that red wine is good for your heart? It contains resveratrol, an active ingredient in red wine that may aid in averting impairments in your blood vessels, curtail the bad cholesterol, and may help prevent blood clots. BRI Nutrition offers heart health supplements that contain resveratrol. These health supplements are ideal for both men and women, and are a must-have especially this holiday season.


  • Look out for liquid calories.

Eggnog and other alcoholic beverages are brimming with calories. You can minimize your calorie intake from liquid drinks by substituting water between your alcoholic beverages. Calories can be sneaky during this time of the year. It’s a good thing that there are available weight loss supplements from BRI Nutrition health supplements. Our weight loss health supplements contain L-Carnitine, an amino acid known to help in burning fat more efficiently. Studies revealed that L-Carnitine is also good for your heart’s health. It reinforces your heart and bolsters your cardiovascular system.

l-carnitine supplements

  • Hydrate yourself.

Stay hydrated by drinking water all throughout the day, especially after or in between drinking alcoholic beverages. Booze, vodka, and tonic, among others, make people urinate more, which may lead to dehydration. This triggers thirst, dizziness, and light-headedness.

  • Indulge more on holiday treats.

Greasy dips and sauces, buffalo wings, stuffing, and glazed chicken are also served on other occasions all year round. Satiate yourself with holiday treats that only come during this time of the year. This will limit your calorie intake and will let you make more reserves on your “calorie pocket”.

  • Go for seafood.

Seafoods are packed with various vitamins and nutrients. For instance, smoked salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which is good for the brain. This will help boost your brain and cognitive function from all the holiday madness. Adding seafoods on your holiday menu presents a diverse but healthy choice. Just stay away from dips and sauces that are flushed with sodium.

  • Bring sugarless gum or mint with you.

When you feel like you are full and do not want to indulge yourself more, chew on a sugarless gum. This will forestall you from plunging to the buffet table. Likewise, the mint will help you pry your eyes away from the chocolate fondue or the glazed pork. Plus, if you end up with someone under the mistletoe, you will not have to worry about the smell of your breath!

  • Stay active.

No matter what festivity it is, do not forget to toss in a couple of exercise routines on your daily schedule. Because of the cold weather, going outside for a quick run or heading to the gym may prove to be difficult. You can do some stretching through yoga or you can participate in dance parties and bust a move or two. It will help get your blood flowing and boosts digestion of the chocolate cake and crème brûlée from last night’s party. If it is snowing outside, take advantage of it! Ice skating and sledding are good forms of exercise and family bonding.

  • Make adjustments when preparing meals.

There are simple ways on how to make your dressing, gravy, or dessert a little healthier. For example, when making gravy, you can refrigerate it to solidify the fat. Scoop the fat out and you’ll be able to eliminate 56 grams of fat for each cup. When roasting your turkey, you can remove the skin to reduce 11 grams of saturated fat on every 3 ounce serving. Use low sodium condiments for sauces and dips while opting for skim milk instead of whole milk for your desserts and mashed potato.

  • Do not skip meals.

Starving yourself just to limit your calorie intake is not the best diet alternative. Did you know that those who skip their meals end up overeating on their next meal? What you need to do is eat snacks that are not too heavy, like fruits and vegetables. These will repress your cravings and make you less inclined to over-satiate yourself.

  • Eat for your vitality and stamina.

According to, the human body requires at least 40 nutrients and hundreds of phytochemicals daily. Just because the holiday season is the time of the year when you can cheat your way out of your diet does not mean that you can splurge on unhealthy meals. Control yourself and eat foods that are good for your body. If fatty and sugary foods can’t be avoided, infuse your holiday meals with BRI Nutrition health supplements. Among the company’s product line of health supplements for men and health supplements for women are superfood supplements that contain Spirulina. This cyanobacteria is regarded as a superfood for it supplies the essential nutrients that your body needs for its day-to-day activities. As covered in our previous blog, spirulina can also improve your immune system, aid in fighting against certain oral cancers, reduce inflammation, and promotes healthy eyes and digestive tract.


  • Manage your stress.

Indeed, holiday season is the best but it can also be the most stressful time of the year. It is already stressful at work and yet you still have to honor your commitments with your friends and loved ones. Then there is also financial stress caused by the pressure in buying and handing out presents. When you think that there’s too much to handle, pause for a while and take a deep breath. Write down what stresses you, order them according to priority, and take care of them one step at a time. Of course you may miss a few get-togethers, but hey! You ought to take care of yourself prior to taking care of other people. A little catnap will help too. The National Sleep Foundation asserts that at least 20 or 30 minutes of quick nap can improve your mood, keep you alert, and improve your performance. However, to avoid messing up with your circadian rhythm, do not over-nap later in the day.

  • Use nutritional or health supplements.

There are a lot of health supplements for men and health supplements for women available in the market in the form of weight loss supplements, heart health supplements, and superfood supplements, among others. These will support your health, prevent illnesses, boost your immune system, and eliminate toxins in your body. BRI Nutrition health supplements’ product line offers resveratrol for your heart’s health, l-carnitine for your weight problems, and spirulina that acts as a superfood and supplies your body’s daily nutrient needs.

This holiday season, don’t let your worries regarding your health and well-being get the better of this season’s festive and jolly atmosphere. Auspiciously, BRI Nutrition health supplements will stand with you side by side in celebrating Christmas and New Year with your friends and loved ones. BRI Nutrition health supplements come in BRI L-Carnitine, BRI Resveratrol, and BRI Spirulina. You can get yours in Amazon or visit our homepage for more info.