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Luscious 7 - Hair, Skin, Lash & Nails

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Luscious 7 - Hair, Skin, Lash & Nails

Got brittle or thinning hair? Dry or combination skin? Bad looking toenails

This blend of high potency B Vitamins and other nutrients will have you looking and feeling your greatest. Begin a new beauty regimen on a great foundation that promotes healthier looking hair and nails.

Allow Luscious 7 anti-oxidant hair-growth and nail strengthening formula from BRI Nutrition to open the door to healthier feeling skin, hair, lashes and nails.

Our product contains 3 forms of B vitamins, just what the body needs to make your body feel rejuvenated. Including Biotin takes these same ingredients over the top, and includes the building blocks to having great feeling hair and nails. Take care of your looks from in the inside first, feel less stress about your hair, and treat yourself more often!

Treating yourself right is simple, just take two capsules once daily with meals. The 60-count extra strength bottle gives you a full month of nutritional enhancement for your hair, lashes, nails and skin. Backed by our 60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can shop with confidence

Experience an amazing combination of dietary supplements that will help you feel more youthful and confident

WHY US: We looked at all other hair, skin & nail supplements on the market and were surprised that there were nothing more than powder stuffed into a capsule, no love there. Our formulation specialists have produced a unique and premium product that contains 7 key ingredients that are designed to support optimal hair, lash, skin & nail health.

WHAT IT IS: Our Luscious7 is made with premium ingredients, and is ideal for anyone looking to get the highest quality supplement for healthier feeling skin, nails, lashes and hair. We blend 5000 mcg of Biotin, 500 mg of MSM, 250 grams of L-Lysine HCL, 20 mg of Vitamin C, 250 mg of B3, 35 mg o

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